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Episode 119: Josh Ferrari - How To Do Deals In A Shifting Market

August 16, 2022 Episode 119
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 119: Josh Ferrari - How To Do Deals In A Shifting Market
Show Notes

Determine which deals are profitable and learn creative ways to finance them in the current market with today’s guest Joshua Ferrari. Catapult your financial success through his expert investing tips and future outlook on the real estate market by tuning in to this episode.


Seller financing: Its advantages, how to bring it up, and how it works
Where you can find good loan terms for new acquisitions
How social media can boost your credibility and attract investors
Important elements to include in your underwriting
What asset classes you should consider investing in


Episode 67: Josh Ferrari - From 0-300+ Units in 12 Months
Gary Vaynerchuk


Joshua is the founder of Ferrari Capital, co-founder of Three Beach Capital, and host of the Creative Capital podcast. He has been in the aviation industry for over five years and is currently leading the world’s #1 UPS MRO line. After just four short years in real estate, he has accumulated over $50 million in assets under management, 650 units, and has successfully raised millions of dollars from various private investors.  He is teaching others how to follow in his footsteps through The Ferrari Capital Multifamily Mastermind, which he founded in May 2022 and is designed as an all-inclusive, 12-month program that will take you from A-Z in building your 7-9 figure multifamily syndication business.


Website: Ferrari Capital


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