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Episode 125: Steffany Boldrini - The Magic of Self-Storage Investing

September 06, 2022 Episode 125
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 125: Steffany Boldrini - The Magic of Self-Storage Investing
Show Notes

Do you want to invest in something profitable and stable in today’s volatile market? Then, join us in today’s episode featuring self-storage facilities with Steffany Boldrini and discover the benefits of investing in self-storage, plus tips you need to succeed in commercial real estate.


How good investor relationships affect your real estate success
The takeaways from joining REI conferences
Why you should invest in self-storage facilities
Practical advice for new real estate investors


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Steffany was born and raised on a small ranch in Brazil called Monte Carlo Ranch. At 18, she moved to Silicon Valley with her family, and it was there that she learned she could become anything she set her mind to. It is also where she was introduced to technology and its power to make an impact in the world. Through her personal experience as an angel investor and the experiences of her circle of friends in Silicon Valley, she realized that she much preferred investing in real estate instead of startups. This was primarily for the security an asset-based investment provided versus potentially losing 100% of her investment in an angel investing scenario, in addition to the dilution of her equity as the startups in which she invested grew. For the past four years, she has focused on her career in commercial real estate investing, mainly investing in the self-storage asset class.


Website: Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments
Podcast: Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z
LinkedIn: Steffany Boldrini


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