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Episode 129: Bill Ham - How To Build A Scalable Real Estate Business

September 20, 2022 Episode 129
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 129: Bill Ham - How To Build A Scalable Real Estate Business
Show Notes

Check out today's show, which features an informative discussion with the multifamily owner and operator Bill Ham. Continue to listen, and don't miss his professional advice on developing a successful real estate business, inventive financing strategies, and fantastic resources to help you along the way.


Life as a real estate investor: Freedom vs. Lifestyle
Key reasons you should invest in real estate
Do's and don'ts of creative financing
Real estate market predictions and how to deal with them
Habits of successful real estate investor
2 things every real estate investor should know


Creative Cash by Bill Ham, Gino Barbaro, and Jake Stenziano | Paperback and Kindle
Real Estate Raw by Bill Ham
Multifamily Investors Who Dominate by Beau Beery | Hardcover and Kindle


Bill quit his job as a corporate pilot and went into real estate full-time in 2005, where he closed only one deal - a duplex - in which cash flowed about $300 a month. He started his entire real estate career with this one duplex and a life savings of $10,000. His first 402 units were completed with some form of creative financing, and over the years, he built a large portfolio of real estate consisting mostly of apartments. Bill has  16 years of real estate investing experience, had many successes and failures, made and lost a lot of money, has seen all phases of the market, and has survived them all.


Website: Multifamily Real Estate Investing Education
Facebook: Real Estate RAW
Facebook Group: Real Estate Raw: For Multifamily Investors
Instagram: @billham_realestate
YouTube: Real Estate Raw


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