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Episode 131: Tim Vitale - How To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Power

September 27, 2022 Episode 131
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 131: Tim Vitale - How To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Power
Show Notes

Acquire a leadership mentality with Tim Vitale as he shares ways you can double down on your best entrepreneur qualities, exude confidence, and inspire others to move to the next level. Learn the right mindset to break your limiting beliefs and succeed in the multifamily investing space when you tune in to this episode!


Risks and benefits of investing in real estate full time
The value of leveraging other people’s skillsets for your business
Best lessons you can learn from having and being a mentor
Relationship-building strategies to help your business scale
Benefits of creating good relationships in multifamily investing
Investing advice for a successful investing journey


Multifamily Millions by David Lindahl | Hardcover and Kindle
Who Not How by Dan Sullivan | Paperback and Kindle


Tim is the founder and owner of Upside Capital, based in Wilmington, North Carolina. He spent ten years in corporate finance, rising to the position of AVP of Finance for a Fortune 500 insurance company before quitting his W2 job to pursue real estate full-time. He specializes in budgeting, underwriting, and analysis. Tim grew up in a real estate family, owns rental property in Charlotte, and syndicates apartments and other commercial properties around the Southeast United States. He operates his own Facebook community, Makin’ Moves in Multifamily, where he helps other investors and syndicators by hosting instructive and uplifting Facebook events and postings. He is also an admin and moderator for the Facebook group My First Million in Multifamily.


Website: Upside Capital
Facebook Group: Makin’ Moves Real Estate Community


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