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Episode 132: Denis Shapiro - Utilizing Alternative Investments For Wealth Creation

September 29, 2022 Episode 132
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 132: Denis Shapiro - Utilizing Alternative Investments For Wealth Creation
Show Notes

Do you want to know how to diversify your assets and protect yourself from market volatility? Listen to today's episode with Denis Shapiro as he shares his honest insights on developing generational wealth in unconventional ways. Stay tuned and get started with alternative investments right away.


Reasons you should invest in alternative investments
Things to consider before investing in a deal
Pros and cons of affordable housing
How to leverage long-term loans to buy and hold properties
What can "The Alternative Investment Almanac" teach you?
Strategic advice to help you scale your business


The Alternative Investment Almanac by Denis Shapiro
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki | Paperback and Kindle
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Freddie Mac


Denis is SIH Capital Group’s managing partner. He began investing in real estate in 2012 when the market was starting to recover from the global financial crisis. He built a cash-flowing portfolio that includes many alternative assets, such as note and ATM funds, mobile home parks, life insurance policies, tech start-ups, industrial property, short-term rentals, and more. He also co-founded an investment club for accredited investors in 2019. Leveraging these successes and the lessons learned throughout his career, Denis launched SIH Capital Group, an alternative investment fund that provides accredited investors with a simplified strategy to invest for passive income.


Website: SIH Capital Group


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