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Episode 186: David Lindahl - Investment Hacks for Introverted Real Estate Entrepreneurs

April 06, 2023 Tate Siemer Episode 186
The Apartment Gurus
Episode 186: David Lindahl - Investment Hacks for Introverted Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Show Notes

Get ready to unleash your full potential, as David Lindahl exemplifies how introverts may succeed massively in the real estate investing business. Join us as we discuss market cycles, capital raising, investor networks, and mindset shifts to help you prosper in REI’s competitive industry.


The value of growth appreciation in building real estate legacy and wealth  
Key identifiers of cash-flowing deals in emerging real estate markets
Game-changing strategies for capital-raising and expanding your investor base
Importance of doing your first deal and learning from seasoned investors  
Essential mindset shifts that sets successful investors apart


Tony Robbins
Richard C. Wilson - The Family Office Club
Emerging Real Estate Markets by David Lindahl | Hardcover and Kindle
Kiplinger Magazine:
Multi-Family Millions by David Lindahl | Hardcover and Kindle
Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101 by David Lindahl and Donald J. Trump | Hardcover
RE Mentor Multifamily Millions Bootcamp
The Law of Your First Deal by Michael Blank 


David is the founder of The Lindahl Group and has served as the Chief Executive Officer and President since its inception. He entered the Commercial Real Estate business in 1996 and over the last 21 years, David has been involved in all aspects of the real estate industry. He has been involved in real estate investments, including the development and management of multi-family, office buildings, retail space and self-storage facilities, and land holdings in many different areas of the United States. He and his partners have owned and/or operated in excess of 34 commercial properties located across the United States.


Website: RE Mentor: | The Lindahl Group
Podcast: Multifamily Deal Lab | Apple: and Spotify: 


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